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Van Halen concert tickets are kicking off the 2012 concert year in good fashion. The legendary 1980's rock, hair band that reinvented the hard rock sound with innovative guitar wizardry and the high energy screaming vocal of Roth will continue their legacy over three decades later. The reunion tour includes the line-up of Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen, David Lee Roth and Eddie's son Wolfgang Van Halen. Notably, Wolfgang Van Halen replaces Mark Anthony as the bass player. The tour is currently one of the most highly anticipated with Van Halen ticket's sales at the top of the box office.

The 2012 tour is in support of their new album "A Different Kind of Truth," which showcases the first single and video for "Tattoo." The single goes back to what made the band a Worldwide sensation and changed the hard-rock music scene forever, loaded with screaming guitar sounds, mid-tempo bridges and high-energy raunchy vocals. The newest album should find most "Roth" era VH fans pleased with their direction.

News of the 2012 Van Halen concert reunion tour has fans excited. Many have been waiting decades for the band to reunite with David Lee Roth as front man for the group. Of course without Anthony on bass it is not a full reunion of the original lineup, but for many being able to see and hear Roth, and his songs live again or perhaps for the first time is quite a treat.

Over the years, the band had reinvented itself many times. First by dumping Roth over disagreements on the band's direction and replacing the front man with Sammy Hagar. Van Halen went on to have many successful years and albums with Hagar up front. Of course, many original fans much preferred the styling's of Roth but the band could capture a new fan base and push into the new era. Then once again the band came into conflict with their singer and fired Hagar. Many fans felt Roth would return but at the time Van Halen had no plans and instead tried out new singers such as Mitch Malloy and Gary Cherone, which turned out to be short lived. Van Halen tried to work with Roth once again years ago but old wounds never quite healed, and the attempts faltered quickly. Instead, Hagar actually reunited with the Van Halen brothers for a small tour.

Van Halen has had one of the most successful runs in rock history. The band has released fourteen albums, including one live album and a compilation. Eddie's guitar work is the world renowned, changed the way all guitar players approach the instrument, and his influence is still heard over three decades later. Now with Roth back on the stage Eddie's guitar work will once again be met with the high-energy vocals and flamboyant stage presents with Roth. This is a reunion fan have been waiting for since Roth left the band twenty years ago. Van Halen concert tickets always sell out so act quick to avoid disappointment!

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