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Music Box Theatre

239 West 45th Street


November 30, 2006

Broadway Play (Drama)

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The Broadway political drama really hits home and it would seem just in time. With Julianne Moore playing a war correspondent for America who then turns her focus on pursing political education for students at Yale and the challenges of political ideals with her relationship to her co star Bill Nighy.

Many may have heard that the show is based on a sexual chemistry between these two, however, that is only to reveal the deeper meaning of this political drama. The show on Broadway seems to be picking up with each performance and as the actors begin to feel more of the deeper meaning of the characters. Moores character may seem flat, but does build and for reason which only add to the drama and meaning of the show.

The Broadway drama is certainly for a suited taste, this is not the show for anyone looking for a riot in New York, perhaps go see Spamalot or The Producers. This is a slow political drama which makes you think. The production certainly questions a lot of what is going on in the world today, and if you enjoy politics, debate and perhaps a bit of philosophy then this could be a great show for you...You may even see it two or three times.

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