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Gershwin Theatre

222 West 51st Street

2 hours and 45 mins with 1 intermission

April 20, 2010 (Open-Ended)

Original Broadway Musical

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Why is there such a buzz about getting Wicked theater tickets? Why are people not just across the country but all around the world falling all over, trying to get passes for this show? There's no denying that there's something strangely magical about this musical and its charm has elevated it to superstardom.

From Then To Now

Perhaps the roaring popularity of this musical is only natural- after all; it wasn't that long ago that a certain other musical captured the hearts of people everywhere. The Wizard of Oz was a smash hit in its time and followed the story of a young girl called Dorothy who rids Oz of an evil witch. At the time audiences were not only rooting for her to find a way to topple the Wicked Witch of the West but also for her to find a way back to her home in Kansas.

Those with Wicked theater tickets will be treated to something a little different from this story of Oz. In fact, Wicked has very little to do with Dorothy and everything to do with the Wicked Witch of the West. In the original Oz, she's probably the least sympathetic character and everything seems to get better once she starts melting. But the play Wicked delves a little deeper to find out who this witch really was.

Switching Sympathies

The popularity of the musical Wicked and the demand for Wicked theater tickets could simply be a reflection of our times. The perfect heroes are no longer our heroes- instead we find ourselves rooting for the bad guy with the heart of gold, the reluctant good guys of the world. We no longer blindly believe in evil people- instead, we find ourselves curious as to how these villains got that way.

This is exactly what we get with Wicked theatre tickets. The musical has a lot going for it- award winning costumes and sets, phenomenal music and very strong female lead roles. But the best part is the actual story itself. It chronicles the early years of Glinda the Good Witch and the Wicked Witch of the West. Back then, when the two were at university together, they were known as Glinda and Elphaba and they were both friends. Glinda was perhaps more concerned with being popular than doing good deeds. Elphaba was ridiculed by others for her green skin and had a hidden talent for magic. When she is brought before the Wizard of Oz to show her powers, she realizes that he is corrupt and devious.

This is where the paths of Elphaba and Glinda part. Elphaba wants to expose the wizard for what he is but Glinda is scared of losing her popularity. Elphaba decides to take up her cause alone and is declared a witch and a menace. This play does far more than take a quirky look at the life of Elphaba- it also brings into view the circumstances that shape us and makes us reconsider who the real 'good guys' are.

Wicked Theatre Tickets

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