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Gerald Schoenfeld Theater

236 W. 45th Street

90 Minutes, no intermission

September 29, 2009 (Limited engagement: December 6, 2009)

Broadway Play (Drama)

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A Steady Rain is one of the more recent Broadway shows. It was in September 2009 when the show opened on Broadway. Keith Huff has written this play, which is based on a real-life event. The play has won the Joseph Jefferson Awards in the categories of Best Production and Best New Work. Before featuring as one of the shows in Broadway, the play was first premiered in 2007 at Chicago Dramatists. The play was again staged in February 2008 in the Royal George Theater, Chicago. Before making an official entry in the Broadway shows, the play also staged a preview on September 10, 2009 at the Schoenfeld Theatre. The show is currently running and is scheduled to close on the 6th of December this year. So, the play is going to have a 12-week engagement at Broadway.


The plot of the play revolves around how a deadly error in judgment results in a series of events and circumstances, and how two Chicago policemen deal with the same. It becomes very interesting to observe how the circumstances cause threat to the lifelong friendship of these two policemen, and how they overcome it. The play keeps on alternating between present-moment dialogue scenes and two separate monologues.


The play collected a gross of 1,167,954 USD right in the first week. As compared to other non-musical Broadway shows, it has thus created a new record for the highest weekly gross.


John Crowley is credited with directing the play. The lighting design is by Hugh Vanstone, while the set and costume design is by Scott Pask. The Broadway production stars Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman who have appeared in shows before and need no introduction. Both these actors are major film stars. Where Daniel Craig appeared in the latest James Bond in the 007-film franchise, Hugh Jackman is mainly known for his acts in the X-Men series and Wolverine. They are making their debut in the Broadway shows with Keith Huff's new play, A Steady Rain.


The critical reception has only added to the popularity of this play. It has received rave reviews from The New York Times, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and others. As per Ben Brantley of The New York Times, A Steady Rain is one of the best Broadway shows he has ever been a witness to. In his words, the two actors, Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman, are like the two Gods on screen while the play is like a small, wobbly pedestal on which these gods are standing. The words of Hedy Weiss of the Chicago Sun-Times are also full of praise for this play. As per his review, it is one of those few Broadway shows that will be remembered for its action-packed storytelling, emotional cataclysms, smart mood shifts, deeply poetic speeches, and also for the fiery that the two actors have rendered superbly.

The dramatic production is a thick, rich, gritty, poetic, and entirely gripping play and is definitely one of the best Broadway shows to be featured in recent times. You can view a huge online inventory of A Steady Rain Tickets by clicking the link.

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