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Gerald Schoenfeld Theater

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October 16, 2008

Broadway Play (Drama)

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'All My Sons’- the famous Three-Act play tasted success for the first time in 1947 when it was staged as a Broadway performance in New York. January 29, 1947 was indeed a lucky date for Arthur Miller, the playwright. Up until now Arthur Miller had failed in his attempts to produce commercially successful plays. Especially after his last flop, ‘The Man Who Had All the Luck’; had ' All My Sons ' failed at the theater, the writer would have had to abandon his passion for writing plays. But this play brought Miller everything that he had hoped for and much more.

The play took the stage by storm, lapping up the Tony Award for the Best Play in 1947. Directed by Elia Kazan, this classic ran as many as 328 performances! And so, it was no wonder that it managed to grab the New York Drama Critics’ Circle Award. Elia Kazan was lauded with the Tony Award for Best Direction. It was, indeed a story of glory and success!

Theme Of The Play

Arthur Miller based his play on a real life story. Perhaps it owes its success to that inspiration. Miller’s mother-in-law is credited to have pointed out the story in a newspaper to him. The rest, as they say, is history. The real life story, revolved around a woman who spilled the beans on her father being involved in sale of faulty parts to the American military during the Second World War. The play severely criticized the American Dream of material prosperity. It came when the time was ripe with anti-Communism being the order of the day.

The Characters

Joe Keller, Kate Keller, Chris Keller, Ann Deever, George Deever, Frank and Kydia Lubey, Jim and Sue Bayliss and Bert are the popular characters of ‘All My Sons’. They form the major part of the storyline. Moreover their relationships are so real and life-like that they impart certain uniqueness to the play. Perhaps this was why the audience has responded so favorably. A sort of affinity and identification contributed to the unmeasured success of the play. Whereas Miller had failed so miserably the first time, he earned boundless fame in the next go. Miller’s characters captured the audience’s heart and mind. The little Bert, the beautiful Ann or the devastated Chris- all came alive for the audience in their fantastic performances.

Trivia Treat

Arthur Miller became a celebrity after the success of the play. ‘ All My Sons ’ has been adapted twice in movies. Elia Kazan, the director of the play, was Miller’s like-minded affiliate. In fact, this play was dedicated to Elia Kazan. But during the anti-Communist hysteria, at one point of time she gave away the names of the leftists. That brought an end to Kazan’s and Miller’s relationship. And till this date, ‘All My Sons’ remains a popular choice for stage performances.

Broadway organized the first staging of the play. It is a play that has the potential to capture the heart of audience even today. Buy All My Sons tickets online and give yourself a treat! Enjoy the play!

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