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Like all sports teams, the Boston Celtics have had their ups and downs over the years, but in recent years, they have finally experienced a return to the winning days. During the 2008 NBA Finals they were able to defeat the Los Angeles Lakers and capture their 17th NBA Championship.

For die hard Celtics fans, the 2008 win was like a breath of fresh air after supporting a team that made it to the finals only four times during the period of 1996 – 2007. At one time in their history, the Boston Celtics dominated the NBA scene with 11 championships in a 13 year period. Their eight consecutive wins during that period is the longest consecutive championship winning streak.

Following that domination from 1957-1969, the Celtics continued to play a large role in most championships, but with the death of one of its players in 1986 and another in 1993, the team began to falter.

One of their great rivalries up until this decline was with the Los Angeles Lakers. Between the two teams, they have won 32 championships out of 63 NBA seasons. This rivalry eased as the Celtics faltered for a period, but it was renewed once again as they faced each other in 2008 NBA Championships with the Celtics coming on top.

Within the Eastern conference, the Philadelphia 76ers team has been the Celtics’ longstanding rivals. This rivalry was strong during the 70’s and 80’s, and the personal rivalry between Larry Bird and Julius Erving intensified it further. Other rivalries over the years have included the Detroit Pistons and more recently, the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The team has traditionally worn the colors of green and white with green for away games and white for home games. They have used a leprechaun as a logo as well as a shamrock and they have a uniform that’s worn specially during the week of St. Patrick’s.

Some of the teams more well-known players over the years include:

Bob CousyBill RusselDave CowensJohn HavlicekLarry BirdKevin McHaleKevin Garnett

With their latest NBA Championships, there will, no doubt, be more memorable names to add in the future.

The Boston Arena was the first site of the newly founded Celtics team in 1946. From 1946 – 1995 they played most of their home games at Boston Garden with a few games played at the Hartford Civic Center. Since 1995 to the present, the Celtics have played at the TD Garden which was formerly known as the Fleet Center. A sell-out crowd in the TD Garden would mean that 18,623 Boston Celtics tickets sold to fans and they would be there to cheer for their home team.

With the team’s recent resurgence to glory and return as play-off contenders, there will be many who’d be looking to purchase tickets to watch the Boston Celtics play on their home court in TD Gardens. For fans, both local and those residing in other parts of the country, the ease with which tickets can be purchased these days is beneficial. Whether one is a new Boston Celtics fan or a die-hard from years ago, no doubt getting Boston Celtics tickets for a big game will add much excitement to life. You can View Our Great Selection Of Boston Celtics Tickets Online by clicking the link!

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