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Theater in New York needs no introduction. It is the Mecca of theatergoers and there is no equal to it anywhere else in the world. Any person, or families, visiting New York consider their visit incomplete without taking in at least a show on the hallowed stages. For the uninitiated, The Great White Way is not a location but consists of three categories of theaters: These are theaters with 500 or more seating capacity; Off-Broadway – theaters with 100 to 499 seats; and Off-Off-Broadway – theaters up to 99 seats.

The Lights, Music, and Action – the complete extravaganza - on its stages must be seen to be believed. With 39 theaters categorized as Broadway, and with hundreds more as Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theaters, there is an annual attendance of more than 12 million. No wonder, tickets for the Broadway shows are booked months in advance, and are not easy to lay your hands on – unless you know where and how.

Broadway and Tickets

Broadway tickets do not come cheap, especially if you are looking for premium seats for popular shows. The best way is to try obtaining the tickets from the box office, but in most cases they are sold out months in advance. Some times, you can get lucky and be able to procure tickets from alternate sources at affordable prices – but these are iffy.

The alternatives are:

Starving Artists Tickets – Struggling artists can buy the best seats in the house for as little as $20.

Rush Tickets – These are given out in a lottery, and are available for cash only, costing $25 to $45.

Discount Ticket Codes – Given out for marketing purposes, such codes will enable you 25 to 60 percent discount.

Partial View Tickets – Seats with obstructed view are available at heavy discounts.

Students Rush Tickets – Ideal for students, and available a few hours before production starts. These cost between $20 and $25.

Standing Room Tickets – These do not guarantee seats and are very inexpensive at around $20.

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Other Tickets Sources

There are other sources from where you can buy your tickets, but these are quite risky. You can try to procure your tickets from the many re-sale forums. You only need to ensure that the tickets from such anonymous sources are genuine and that you are not being taken for a ride.

Similarly, Broadway tickets can also be procured from auction sites, such as eBay, but you need to be careful, just as you would be with re-sale forums. People are also known to buy tickets from the many scalpers that one finds scattered around the venue of the shows. The risk of buying from them is that you are not sure whether the tickets are legitimate of not.

If you have to buy your Broadway tickets from sources other than from the box office, your best option are the many ticket brokers of New York. Procure your tickets from legitimate brokers who are members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB), such as, who will arrange to deliver your tickets to your doorstep.

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