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Cool NYC Theater Facts

Who has not heard of the "Great White Way", the deemed capital of the world of theater? It is a dream of all actors of repute to act, at least once, on its hallowed stages. Performing in a successful musical is considered the ultimate success by the singers, dancers, and actors. Many musicals have themselves been made around this very idea.

The lights and glitter, and the extravaganza that the theaters put up, is unbelievable. Though now, Broadway is loosely referred to the complete theater district, it is in fact a wide avenue in Manhattan. Broadway is the oldest north-south avenue in the city, and dates back to the times when the area had its first Dutch settlers, and even before that!

The Beginning

The Dutch, those early settlers, called this road Breede Weg, which translates to Broadway in English. Before the Dutch came to this area, this was an Indian trail known as Wickquasgeck Trail, originally snaking through the swamps and rocks of Manhattan Island. The Dutch converted this Indian trail into the main road of the island.

Today, it runs the length of island, from the Bowling Green in the south to Inwood at its northern tip.

The area where it crosses the 7th Avenue in midtown Manhattan, near the Times Square, is the famous area of Manhattan known as the Theater District. This part of Broadway that encompasses the area between 42nd and 53rd streets, and draws millions of tourists and audiences for the theater shows, is also known as the Great White Way. Broadway is the first electrically lighted avenue in the Unites States, and a mile of strip is illuminated by more than 1800 arc lamps. Millions of lights on the theater marquees and advertisement billboards around the Times Square inspired some journalist in 1902 to use the sobriquet – Great White Way.

The Theaters

The theaters are categorized, based not on their location, but on their seating capacity. It does not matter whether that particular theater is on the avenue known as Broadway or east or west of it. Any theater in the Theater District with the seating capacity of more than 500 is categorized as a Broadway theater.

An Off-Broadway theater has a seating capacity of between 100 and 499, even if it is located right on Broadway itself. An Off-Off- Broadway theater has a seating capacity of a maximum of 99 seats.

Broadway New York Tickets

Purchasing tickets for the musicals and shows has never been easy, especially if the performances have become popular. Broadway New York tickets can be purchased from the box office of the venues of the performances. However, tickets for the popular shows are sold out months in advance, and in some cases more than a year in advance.

Purchasing your Broadway New York tickets from re-sale forums and auction sites similar to eBay is risky as the seller is anonymous, and you are not sure whether the tickets are genuine or not.

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