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Picking the top Broadway plays is a very difficult proposition. There are hundreds of timeless classics that have run for seasons together. But one distinguishing feature of the top classic Broadway productions remains that almost all the top plays have been musicals.

The Broadway Experience

Seeing a Broadway musical or a play is an experience in itself. The stage lights, the flawless dialogue deliveries and the awesome costumes can sweep anyone off their feet. In fact all those who are regulars at Broadway plays can confidently say that each time they have entered the theater, they are enveloped by an indescribable experience.

Top Broadway Productions

Let us now move on to the list of the top Broadway productions of all time. It is just a suggestive listing of some of the most popular Broadway plays and may not necessarily follow the same order for everyone.

Number one on the Broadway hit list is not only the most popular show, it is the longest running one too. Phantom of the Opera opened on January 26, 1988 and after showing at multiple theaters, it is still running strong.

Number two on our list is Cats. Cats are one of the few hit musicals that were not adapted for a film production. Though the musical closed in 2000, it still remains the top favorite for several theater goers.

Number three is Les Miserables. This extremely popular play closed in 2003 and then ran for more performances in various theater venues across the world. A revival of Les Miserables opened in 2006 and like our number one show Phantom of the Opera, this show is still running.

Number four is A Chorus Line. The play was adapted into a movie in the late 1980s and is currently running as a Broadway revival. The original adaptation closed in 1990 but the revival that opened in 2006 is still going strong.

Number five on the top Broadway plays list is Oh, Calcutta! The play closed in 1989 and is one of the lesser known hits of Broadway. However, those who have seen the play can vouch for the fact that the play was one of the most successful ones ever produced.

Number six on our list is the Beauty and the Beast. This longest running musical was based on a Disney film. It ran for a few years before closing in late 2006.

Number seven and eight are Rent and Chicago. Both the plays were adapted for films and their theater shows continue to run till date. Rent is running strong with its first run. Chicago was revived in 1996 and is running high on the revival till date. Number nine on the top ten lists is Miss Saigon. This immensely popular musical ended its run in 2001. It was also adapted for a film production.

Number ten is The Lion King. This too is a Disney film adapted into a theater show. It has been running continuously since 1997.

If you too wish to see any of these timeless classics then hit the Internet now. Contact a reliable ticketing agency to book your tickets to any of the top ten Broadway plays ever produced. Have fun!

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