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St James Theatre

246 West 44th Street

2 hours and 40 mins with 1 intermission

April 19, 2001

Original Musical Comedy

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This critically acclaimed production opened at the St. James Theater in April of 2001. The show is based on the 1968 film by Mel Brooks and originally starred Nathan Lane as Max Bialystock and Matthew Broderick as Leo Bloom. The two actors are credited with giving the show such a strong start, and Lane even reprised his role for the London production. This production has all the aspects of a musical comedy; it is witty, upbeat and outrageously funny.

The story takes place in 1959 at the opening of a new Max Bialystock play called Funny Boy. The show is a bomb and closes that night. The next day Leo Bloom, an accountant, arrives to look at Max’s books. The timid Leo reveals to Max his lifelong dream to become a Broadway producer. While reviewing the books Leo comes up with the revelation that “under the right circumstances a producer could actually make more money with a flop than he can with a hit.” This is just what the unscrupulous Max needs to hear. Leo explains that the IRS wouldn’t be interested in a show that fails, so in theory a producer could raise a million dollars, put on a cheaper flop and keep the rest. From here Max takes over by proposing they find the worst play ever written, hire the worst director, raise two million dollars, hire the worst actors and open on Broadway. The show will inevitably fail and the two can take their money and run to Rio. No one would be the wiser. This is where the fun begins and the plot unfolds in a much unexpected way for Max and Leo.

The Producers has the dubious distinction of being the winner of the most Tony Awards ever for a Broadway production. In 2001, the show was nominated for fifteen Tony’s, won twelve and broke the thirty-seven year record held by Hello Dolly which took home ten. Among the awards received for the show were Best Musical and Best Original score. The songs and lyrics were written by Mel Brooks who also wrote the book for the musical along with Thomas Meehan.

In 2005, a film version was created with Lane and Broderick reprising their famous roles. The movie also starred Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell. The film was not as much of a success with the critics as the musical was. The most negative reviews stated that the performances were geared more for the theater than film. The success of The Producers inspired Broderick and Lane to reunite on stage as Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison respectively in The Odd Couple.

The Producers is a mega hit with ticket sales breaking box office records. At times the dialogue is so funny that the audience can hardly catch their breath. The character of Max is a very colorful one, and some times with only the use of his facial expressions he steals the show. Once the “producers” plan is put into motion it sets off a hysterical chain of events complete with unique characters, spectacular choreography, humorous songs, and inside jokes about the Broadway business. This production is a fun-filled theater experience that will have you laughing the entire time!

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Show Times

Tue at 7pm
Wed - Sat at 8pm
Wed & Sat at 2pm
Sun at 3pm


Take the A, C, E trains to 42nd Street. Exit 44th Street and head east to the theatre.


Brad Oscar
Hunter Foster
Gary Beach
Bill Nolte
Brad Musgrove
Angie Schworrer


Mel Brooks
Susan Stroman

Robin Wagner
Peter Kaczorowski
William Ivey Long
Steve C. Kennedy
Susan Stroman
Patrick S. Brady
Glen Kelly
Paul Huntley

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