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If you are a tourist planning a trip to New York, you should never miss a Broadway show. Do not forget to book the Broadway show theater ticket atleast a month in advance to watch a hit show when you go there. Broadway is the name of a street that runs the entire length of Manhattan. The musical shows and plays of New York are named after this street. Do not miss to visit the theatre district as your trip would be incomplete without watching a Broadway show.

Theatre is a place of entertainment and people go there to enjoy and relax. Hence, it is the responsibility of every theatergoer to follow some theatre manners to ensure that everyone has an uninterrupted and immensely enjoyable theatre experience.

Theatre Etiquette

The following are some of the rules that are expected to be followed by theatergoers.

Always arrive early at the theatre. Check your Broadway show theater ticket , find your seat and settle down before the curtain rises. Some of the theatres do not allow latecomers until intermission.

Photographs and video recording of any kind is strictly banned in the theatres. Unauthorized recordings are considered against the law of AEA rules. If someone attempts to violate the rules, he may be removed from theatre or his video recording equipment may be seized.

Outside food and drinks are not allowed into the theatre hall. You are not allowed to eat or drink during the show. However, you can have some before the show or during the intermission.

Turn off your cell phone before arriving into the theatre. In case you have to attend an emergency call, switch the cell phone on to a ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’ mode. If you want to make a call during the show, just move to the lobby without disturbing anyone.

Never speak during the show. Some people sing the songs along with the actors. It is considered as bad theatre manners.

Be considerate to the co-audience. Do not kick the back of the seat of a person seated in front of you. If you do not like the show, just move away silently during a break.

Following some of the above rules will help you and the others in the audience enjoy the real fun of the performance.

Apart from following the theatre rules, you also have to take care of yourself while you are in a theatre. Do not forget to carry your Broadway show theater ticket along with you. Always be careful of your belongings or there is a chance of losing them at the theatre. Some of the theatres provide lockers and coat/bag check facilities. It is always better to enquire at the box office regarding these items. However, traveling as light as possible is the best option.

If you are taking your children for the show, first make sure that the show is appropriate for them. You can enquire at the Box office while booking the Broadway show theater ticket. Educate your children about theatre manners and explain the advantages of being a good member of the audience.

How to behave at the theatre really means a lot and most of the theatre websites provide you with tips regarding these manners. Even the websites of authorized ticket brokers will help you on any information related to theatre. Just buy a Broadway show theater ticket from them and be the first one to watch the first show of the latest hit.

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