Tips For Seeing Broadway Shows In New York City

Getting seats to see a Broadway shows in New York City is always exhilarating. Spending the time researching the shows that are of interest, reading the reviews and deciding on the perfect evening is all part of the fun. Going to New York and not taking in a Broadway show would be a shame but so would be missing a show you had tickets for. Here are some tips for getting the most out of the city's theater experience.

Make sure to check and the double check the time the show starts. This may seem obvious but how many times have you seen people walk into the show 30 minutes after it started? So many shows start a 8PM but not always. Some may start at seven or seven thirty so make sure to check. Plan on leaving early and arriving thirty minutes early, most theater open their doors thirty minutes before show time. If the tickets are being picked up at the will call then add fifteen minutes to your plans.

Always have a plan for how you will get to the streets of Broadway to see the Broadway shows in New York City.. Most local New Yorkers will use the subway which is sometime overbearing for first time travelers to the city. The subway is probably the quickest method of travel but cabs can be used, or you can drive in yourself. Remember that parking is very expensive in New York and traffic can be brutal. If going to use a cab or your own vehicle make sure to a lot time for any unexpected traffic delays or problems.

Once there and in the theater make sure re assure your seats with the ticket attendant. Let them save time and any mistakes such as entering the wrong side of the theater by asking. Also, do not seat yourself but rather wait for the usher who will be able to get you in your seats in the best manner as well as supply the playbill for the show. Get all your treats and make sure to turn the cell phones off! Nothing drives the audience and actors crazier than cell phones and leaving them on is not only an annoying mistake but an embarrassing one.

After the show, there is no need to panic, just relax and filter out slowly. Make sure not to leave right after the show, wait for the actors to come out and take their curtain call. A packed theater will completely empty in minutes, though it looks crowded and hectic it does move quick. Try to ask the usher if any actors are available to sign the playbill and get a great memento for seeing the Broadway shows in New York City!

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