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Walter Kerr Theater

219 W 48th Street

90 minutes no intermission

October 25, 2007

Broadway Play (Comedy)

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“Bronx Tale” on Broadway is a remarkable one-man show, revolving around the story of two men from Palminteri’s real life childhood. These men had a major influence on his growing days. These two real-life men were his father named Lorenzo, who used to drive a bus, and a gangster Sonny, who got tied up with underworld ways, by applying his street smart techniques and reading books of Niccolo Machiavelli.

Chazz Palminteri deserves a big applause for throwing light on the life of local gangsters, who lived in an Italian neighborhood at the corner of Belmont Avenue and 187th Street. “A Bronx Tale” is a solo Broadway show lasting for 95 minutes. It portrays the character of a boy, who has a hardworking father but, at the same time, his surrounding is packed with mobsters in the making.

The show had its debut two decades back off-Broadway. Currently, it’s running on Broadway at Walter Kerr Theatre. The attractive feature of this show is its different characters that are full of charm. This one-man show is powerful enough to invoke a specific place and time. The story starts from the childhood years of a young chap named Cologio and goes through his late teen years. There are lots of vibrant people whom he meets in his growing years. The story reflects the influence they have on the young boy’s mind.

The wrinkled Palminteri looks classy in a neatly dressed blue shirt and gray slacks in the show. You can’t help but admire him! How simply he has brought each character to life on stage! His simplicity reflects in the name he gives to the characters, such as Jimmy Ten-to-Two, Eddie Mush, Harry A-Hee-Arrrhh, Rudy Ice, JoJo the Whale, Frankie Coffee Cake, Phil the Peddler, and other intriguing people from the story.

The chief character is the mobster Sonny. He is described as "the number-one man in the neighborhood!" Sonny scrutinizes each move of his neighborhood, while dwelling in the corner of Belmont Avenue and 187th Street. He is a great observer in the story and learns his life’s lessons from his keen observance.

When Sonny murders a man and is caught by Cologio red-handed, the story takes a twist. Cologio saves Sonny from the cops by giving a false statement about the murder. From then on, both the boys form a bond. And this bond grows deeper when Cologio makes Sonny win in a neighborhood dice game.

After this, Sonny rechristens cologio as C and announces, "You're going to the best school in the whole world — the University of Belmont Avenue." Sonny now becomes a surrogate father for the new Cologio. He tells C to take lessons not only from school, but also from the streets and everyday life. He wants him to outsmart other guys in their street smart ways.

You must watch “Bronx Tale,” not just for its terrific story, but also for the terrific performance of Palminteri. The tickets to Bronx Tale Broadway are available online as well as with the ticketing services. Get them now! To view a great selection of Bronx Tale Broadway tickets click the link!

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