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Book Green Day concert tickets before they vanish into thin air! This is the same band that produced one of world’s biggest musical acts, “American Idiot” in 2004. It silenced all the critics who had derived pleasure in declaring this band as the fading star on account of its declining album sales. The musical opera won a Grammy and became multi-platinum. It was produced by Rob Cavallo. The band released five singles- the title track, “Holiday”, “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” and “Jesus of Suburbia.”

This is what happens when a couple of talented teenagers come together to form a band! Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer, and Mike Dirnt, the guitarist, hail from Rodeo, California. They first formed the band ‘Sweet Children’ at the age of 14. When they reached 17, they recorded their first song, ‘Green Day’. They signed with ‘Lookout’, the punk band, and released “1,000 Hours” with John Kiffmeyer, who joined the band as the drummer. This was in 1989. The following year, this group came out with “391 Smooth”, their first full-fledged album, which was recorded in just one day.

Later, Kiffmeyer left the band to pursue studies and Tre Cool took over as the drummer for the band. After the success of “kerplunk” in 1992 and “Dookie” in 1994, the band was present everywhere on MTV and at Woodstock ’94 and Lollapalooza. “Dookie” sold a staggering 10 million copies across the world and grabbed a Grammy for the Best Alternative Music Performance. The year 1995 was also marked with a grand success with “insomniac” selling around 3 million copes and ranking second in the charts.

When Hurricane Katrina disrupted the lives in California, the Green Day recorded “The Saints are Coming” with U2 in order to increase awareness for music composers whose lives were in mayhem due to this natural catastrophe. ‘Green Day’ also appeared on American Idol in 2007. Here, they performed a version of “Working Class Hero” of John Lennon. The band was also featured in “The Simpson’s Movie.” In May 2008, “Stop Drop and Roll!!!” a garage album came out and the band went on a short tour to promote their performance. Green Day concert tickets, as usual, became one of the most desired items throughout the nation.

It’s amazing to know about how a couple of teenagers journeyed through the world of music to produce some of the greatest hits and handle punk-like professionals. Well, the boys are all grown up now, yet they ooze the same charm and beer-drenched punk from where they arose to fame. The fall tour of this band is round the corner and the entire Europe is in frenzy. After the astounding success of the spring tour in North America, Green Day is all set to heat up the cold months ahead!

Now is the best time to book Green Day concert tickets. If you delay now, you’d be left with nothing but a hope in hand to see the band perform live. It’s time to join the punk sensation. Green is the color of the season!

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