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St James Theatre

246 West 44th Street

90 minutes no intermission

November 1, 2007

Broadway Musical

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Wed 2pm Thurs 11am Sat 11am 2pm 5pm Sun 11am 2pm 5pm

Wed Thurs Fri 7:30pm
Sat 8pm

Grinch is a harsh creature, who lives in a cave on snowy Mount Crumpit, which is a 10,000-foot high and Steep Mountain, located in the north of Whoville. His heart is “two sizes too small.” He has no one to give him company, except his faithful, but dim-witted dog. From the peak of Mount Crumpit, he can hear the celebration sounds of Christmas that comes from Whoville, where the kind-hearted and cheerful Whos live.

Grich gets jealous of Whos’ happiness. He plots to spoil their Christmas. He goes downtown and through a cleverly planned serial burglary, steals everyone’s Christmas gifts and decorations. He thinks that by doing so, he can prevent Christmas from arriving. However, he gets a shock when he learns that, despite stealing everybody’s Christmas gifts, Christmas has arrived and everyone is enjoying it! Then he learns the lesson that Christmas is not just about gifts and decorations. It is more about the spirit of Christmas and strong bonds.

At this time, Grinch’s heart enlarges three sizes bigger. He returns every gift and decoration. The whole community of Whos heartily welcomes this cave creature.

Dr. Seuss has written the classic book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. The Broadway musical version of this book will make its return from November 1, 2007 to January 6, 2008. This year also marks the book’s 50th anniversary. The premiere year of this show broke records of box office attendance and it gained the status of topmost holiday Broadway show for three continuous weeks, in the month of December!

There is good news for Grinch fans – there will be 15 performances of this musical a week! Weekends will show 8 shows and the whole week will show multiple matinees! Now is the time to grab an opportunity to watch Grinch steal Christmas and later, change his heart.

The Grinch is played by Patrick Page. The other stars are Ed Dixon playing Old Max, Darin DePaul playing Grandpa Seth Who, Rusty Ross playing Young Max, Aaron Galligan-Stierle playing JP Who, Caroline London playing Cany Lou Who, Jan Neuberger playing Grandma Who, and Tari Kelly playing Mama Who.

In addition to this, the citizens of Whoville are Juliette Allen Angelo, Jahaan Amin, Jess Le Protto, Joseph Harrington, Amy Griffin, Hunter BellJanet Dickinson, Eamon Foley, Sky Flaherty, Michael Hoey, Katie Micha, Jillian Mueller, Janelle Viscomi, Heather Tepe, Sami Gayle, Carly Hughes, Brianna Gentilella, Marina Micalizzi, William Ryall, Kurt Kelly, Andy Richardson, Liesl Jaye, Jordan Samuels, Jeff Skowron, Josephine Rose Roberts, Tianna Jane Stevens, and Johnny Schaffer.

The director as well as original production conceiver is Jack o’Brien. The original choreographer is John DeLuca and co-choreographer is BobRichard. The design team includes Pat Collins for lights, John Lee Beatty for scenes, Robert Morgan for costumes, Acme Sound Partners for sound, Michael Curry for Puppetry, Gregory Meeh for special effects, Angelina Avallone for make-up, and others.

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