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A rock band situated in Las Vegas, Nevada, The group got organized in 2002. It consists of the Brandon Flowers who is the vocalist and keyboard player, Dave Keuning who is the guitarist and vocalist, Mark Stoermer who is the bassist and vocalist, and Ronnie Vannucci Jr who is the drummer. The first album of the Killers called Hot Fuss was released in 2004. The next album called Sam's Town was released in the United Kingdom and in North America.

Getting Killers Tickets

You can get Killers tickets either via the phone or online. Killers tickets are very high in demand and thus it is advisable that you get your Killers tickets much in advance. The Killers songs portray love, jealousy, relationships, and also, murder. Their music tries to tell a story. The band symbolize a union of the new wave sound of yesteryear along with the alternative rock nowadays. Their live shows are amazing. No one wants to miss them and thus tickets are so popular.

Band History

When lead band member Brandon Flowers auditioned for the band in the year 2002, he and David Keuning wrote a song in a matter of few minutes. The song is called 'Mr. Brightside,' and they still play it at every show. Ronnie Vannucci and Mark Stoermer, both belonged to Las Vegas like the others. From the very beginning, they knew that they were on their path to creating the perfect band.

Before all the members started playing together as a single group, each and every of them had diverse jobs. For instance, Brandon Flowers had given up studying in the University and instead was working as a bellhop at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Similarly, David Keuning left the Kirkwood Community College, later the University of Iowa, and arrived in Las Vegas in the year 2000. He worked at the Banana Republic store but despised it to no end. Later with the arrival of a new manager, he gave up the job. Mark Stoermer had a career as medical courier where he had to distribute different medicines. He was studying philosophy at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Ronnie Vannucci trained for classical percussion at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He also worked as a photographer at the Little Chapel. At one point of time, he even worked as a pedi cab driver at the Desert Passage mall in the Aladdin Hotel.

Before they became well known worldwide, they used to perform in a small club in Denver, Colorado. Gradually the members increased and even the songs became more in number. Then the band started attracting major attraction from a number of local agents and key label scouts, as well as the UK representatives of the Warner Bros. The representative of Warner Bros took the demo of the band along with him to England and showed it to the owner of a UK Indie label. The band were made to sign a contract based on the demo.

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