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Even with Broadway shows being so popular and on everybody’s ‘must see’ list, people do have the habit of trying to lay their hands on Broadway tickets in a rush. In general, tickets for Broadway shows are booked months in advance and in certain cases, up to a year in advance! However, you may need Broadway tickets to entertain out of town business clients, or to entertain your partner to celebrate a special occasion. You may feel that buying Broadway tickets at the last minute may not be possible, but you can, if you know how.

Trying to buy last minute Broadway tickets from the box office may not be quite possible as there may be dozens waiting in front of you. The other best option is through online sources.

Buying Tickets Through Online Sources

With the popularity of Internet, buying last minute Broadway tickets through online sources has become easy. Some are risky sources, and some, such as the online resources of, are completely trustworthy and offer more than satisfactory services.

People are known to buy last minute Broadway tickets through the various re-sale forums, which is risky. These are fine as long as you are able to get in touch with an individual with a genuine need to offload genuine tickets. Such sites are known to have people out to scam you with fake tickets, and take advantage of your need to buy last minute Broadway tickets.

Another risky online source for Broadway tickets are auction sites, such as eBay. Here too, the individuals are anonymous and the chances are you may be palmed off with fake tickets. You need to be cautious when dealing with unknown people online on such sites, as you only come to know you have been scammed once you have lost your money.

Your best option is to go to the online sources of the ticket brokers of New York. Many ticket brokers have a repertoire of tickets for the various shows on Broadway. When looking for Broadway tickets you can scan their list for the tickets you wish to purchase. The availability of tickets is always updated, and you can immediately come to know what is available and what is not.

When approaching online sources for your last minute Broadway tickets, ensure that the ticket brokers are legitimate and licensed. Ensure that they are members of the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) as such brokers operate under a strict code of conduct. Check to ensure that the site has a secure and an encrypted server. Look at the bottom right of the browser page that asks for your credit card number, and you should see a closed pad lock. Purchasing your Broadway tickets online from such a website is safe as long as the pad lock is closed.

We, at Reedstickets, offer you last minute Broadway tickets through our secure site. Get online with us and let us have your requirements, and we will ensure that your tickets are made available to you immediately.

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