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Gershwin Theatre

222 West 51st Street

2 hours and 45 mins with 1 intermission

April 20, 2010 (Open-Ended)

Original Broadway Musical

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Have you been doing your best, trying to find last minute theater tickets Wicked? You're not the only one- despite raking in a number of divided reviews; the play has become a huge success not only on a national level but around the world as well.

Ever Wonder About The Witch?

People looking for last minute theater tickets Wicked are hoping to get a glimpse of a tale that shows us the other side of Oz. We all know the story of the Wizard of Oz and how Dorothy and her friends managed to rid the land of the Wicked Witch. But have you ever wondered what Oz was like before Dorothy came along? When the Wicked Witch of the West was melting, did you ever wonder how she became wicked in the first place?

These questions are precisely what the play Wicked looks at. For years, we've all seen Glinda as the good witch while the Witch of the West was just considered to be evil. This play takes us back to the beginning, before Glinda was good and when the Witch of the West was called Elphaba. In fact, Glinda and Elphaba were both good friends and Elphaba wasn't as evil as you might know her to be .

Was Glinda Really Good?

Last minute theater tickets Wicked will take you on an extra-ordinary journey, which reveals that Glinda the Good Witch certainly had her less-than-good side. Furthermore, Elphaba was perhaps more a victim of circumstance than anything else. Elphaba is hardly the popular girl in university and is shunned because of her green skin. She does, however, have a talent for magic and Madam Morrible who notices this, promises to introduce her to the Wizard of Oz who might have use for her magic.

Meanwhile animosity grows between Glinda who is popular and glamorous and Elphaba. Glinda gives Elphaba a black pointed cap but when the latter shows up with it at the ballroom dance, everybody laughs. Glinda feels guilty and joins Elphaba who is all alone on the dance floor. A friendship is born between the two but it becomes very strained when the boy Elphaba falls in love with goes for Glinda instead. On top of that, Elphaba knows that the Wizard of Oz is corrupt and launches a lonely crusade to stop him. Glinda refuses to join her because she doesn't want to lose her popularity. But everything ends well - the audience learns that Elphaba did not really die. With tickets to Wicked, we see that she gets really reunited with the man she loves and the two of them leave the Land of Oz.

Last Minute Theater Tickets Wicked Information

Many critics have said that the storyline is too complex but that certainly hasn't kept audiences away. Wicked has consistently smashed box office records right around the world, from New York to London. The show has also won three Tony awards and six Drama Desk Awards. If this tale of Oz with a twist sounds like something you might enjoy, you should book your tickets now. While the counters might be sold out, you can get last minute theater tickets Wicked online via an authorized online ticket vendor. To view a great selection of last minute theater tickets Wicked click the link!

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