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Broadhurst Theater

235 West 44th Street

Two hours and 55 minutes, including one 20 minute intermission

November 7, 2010 (Limited engagement - January 9, 2011)

Broadway Play -Drama

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Pacino Plays Shylock On Broadway!

The Merchant of Venice tickets has been set for sale, and the thrilling play will start previews at the Broadhurst Theater on October 19, 2010. Sure to be a huge draw for being Shakespeare's most controversial work, starring Al Pacino as well as already having enjoyed a sold-out run at "Shakespeare in the Park" over the summer. Legend of the Big Screen, Pacino is signed on for mere 78 performances ending is work on the stage in the role of Shylock on January 9, 2011. With the many new shows opening this fall on Broadway expect " The Merchant Of Venice tickets " to be one of the highlights.

Shakespeare was believed to have written is comedic play between 1996 and 1998. The Merchant Of Venice is one of the 36 plays within the poet and playwright's First Folio, which was prepared by colleagues John Heminges and Henry Condell. The Folio was published seven years after his death, in 1623, and contains the works accepted to be Shakespeare's. Today the "First Folio" is considered one of the most valuable and desired books in the world, with only 1000 copies originally printed there is believed to be 228 copies left in existence.

The playwright uses many characteristics of his previous comedic and romantic style, and they are present within the play. Thus keeping the work classified as a comedy within his First Folio. Still the play is mostly remembered for its dramatic scenes built around the character of Shylock, a Jewish moneylender most famous for his 'pound of flesh' speech." Though the main role is that of the merchant Antonio, his nemesis Shylock plays a much more prominent part.


The setting takes place in Venice, Italy at the time the city was one of the most prosperous in the world. Antonio has risen to become one of the wealthiest merchants, though short on cash as his investments are all out at sea. A young Venetian man by the name of Bassanio approaches Antonio for a loan, so he can travel to visit the highly desired heiress Portia. The merchant Antonio has lent money to Bassanio before and being of kind heart agrees personally to back up the loan if his friend can find a lender. Bassanio discovers the Jewish moneylender Shylock and request for the needed loan with Antonio as the backer. Shylock already has resentment for the merchant who has spat on him and made insulting comments because of his heritage, as well as anger from past business arrangements. Shylock agrees to lend the money at no interest, if the money is not paid on time. However, Shylock will accept payment with a pound of Antonio's flesh.

Performances and Film

The earliest date on record for The Merchant Of Venice tickets and a performance is in 1605 at court of King James and was staged for a second show a few days later. The Shakespeare play would also go on to inspire many movie adaptations. Notably, the 1914 silent film of the same name who was directed by Lois Weber, who played the role of Portia while becoming the first woman to direct a full-length feature film in America. The most notable recent film adaptation is by director Michael Radford and released in 2004. The film starred Al Pacino as Shylock, Jeremy Irons as Antonio, Joseph Fiennes as Bassanio, and Lynn Collins as Portia. The film was met with critical acclaim for its interpretation of Shylock, painting him more as a victim than a villain. The Merchant Of Venice tickets at the box office would gross $21.3 million.

It certainly is easy to understand why The Merchant Of Venice tickets is becoming the talk of Broadway. Daniel Sullivan will be directing the show and Al Pacino will resume the character of Shylock on the stage. With an official opening on November 7, 2010 comes a chance to catch one of Shakespeare most controversial plays on the Broadway stage. The production will immerse the audience into a tale of love and betrayal, forgiveness and revenge and provide a thrilling experience along the way. You can view our great selection of The Merchant Of Venice tickets online by clicking the link.

Tickets Information

The Merchant Of Venice tickets are selling at the box office for between $66.50 and $136.50. Premium seating and sold out show times are running between $114.00 and $684.00. You can view are great selection of The Merchant Of Venice tickets by clicking the link.

Show Times

Wed & Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

Tue 7pm
Wed through Fri 7:30pm
Sat 8pm


Take the N,Q,R,W or 1,2,3,9 to 42nd Street, walk North on Broadway to 44th Street and walk West on 44th Street to the theatre.

Take the A,C,E to 42nd Street, walk North on Eighth Avenue to 44th Street and walk East on 44th Street to the theatre.


Gerry Bamman
Marsha Stephanie Blake
Christopher Fitzgerald
David Harbour
Peter Francis James
Byron Jennings
Isaiah Johnson
Charles Kimbrough
Heather Lind
Jesse L. Martin
Seth Numrich
Al Pacino
Lily Rabe
Matthew Rauch
Richard Topol
Happy Anderson
Liza J. Bennett
Glenn Fleshler
Luke Forbes
Herb Foster
Bryce Gill
Thomas M. Hammond
Jade Hawk
Bethany Heinrich
Curt Hostetter
Tia James
Kelsey Kurz
Brian Macdonald
Dorien MakhloghiKim Martin-Cotton
Baylen Thomas


Direction - Daniel Sullivan
Scenic Design - Mark Wendland
Costume Design - Jess Goldstein
Lighting Design - Kenneth Posner
Sound Design - Acme Sound Partners
Original Music - Dan Moses Schreier

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