New York Broadway Shows – Top Ten Plays And Musicals

New York Broadway Shows have been around since very old times for all the good reasons. For one, they have the capacity to envelop one with an unforgettable experience and secondly, they get one transferred into a different world altogether. The live musical scores, the brilliant performances and the sparkling stage arrangement leave all theater goers asking for more.

The list of some of the most successful New York Broadway Shows is endless. Nevertheless, here are some compiled for you for easy reference. The order, in which the shows are mentioned, may not be appropriate for many. What might be number eight for you might be number two here. Please keep in mind that the ratings here are just suggestive and mention some of the most successful Broadway plays of all time.

Top Ten New York Broadway Plays And Musicals

Each of the plays and shows mentioned below are stunning experiences that you would not forget for years together:

Wicked: One of the most popular mega-hits of all time. The play is a musical that features the famous Wizard of Oz. Its magic lies in the way the story depicts the tale of friendship and love. Wicked is now touring the US again. So if you wish to catch this timeless classic, book your tickets now.

Tarzan: Another entry into the most popular New York Broadway Shows. This relatively new show is a story of a small baby called Tarzan. He is raised by gorillas till he meets Jane. The story proceeds when Tarzan encounters humans and has to make a choice between his two heritages.

The Lion King: Another Disney movie adapted for a theater performance. This musical is about Simba, the lion cub. The play is enacted brilliantly by child actors. It reveals the journey of Simba from his childhood to adulthood to finally accepting his post as a King.

The Phantom of the Opera: A timeless classic musical that is running strong till date. The show has played in 22 countries and 113 cities. It has witnessed an audience numbering more than 10 million. The play is also the longest running play in the history of New York Broadway Shows.

Les Miserables: Is a musical based on a classic novel. The story is a tale of obsession and liberation. The play originally ran for over 16 years and has opened again to cast its magic once more.

Spamalot: The play is based on the legendary Holy Grail and Monty Python. It features King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. If you are an ardent fan of Monty Python’s television series then this play is a must-see for you.

Chicago the Musical: Is a story about a murder trial. A must watch for all theater goers who wish to witness some iconic performances.

Jersey Boys: The play is about four boys who rise from rags to riches. It is again a musical and is currently touring America. To watch this unexpectedly popular show, book your tickets now.

Mamma Mia: Is also a musical that is built around the 1970s. The play is about ABBA music and has an engaging storyline to it that would leave you asking for more.

Rent: A hit musical that explores the world of disease, poverty and drugs in New York. It can be rightly called the modern rock version of the classic Italian opera ‘La Boheme’.

To watch any of the above mentioned New York Broadway Shows , contact your online ticket broker today.

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