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You can go and buy your NY Broadway theater ticket from a number of places. But before we explain the different ways through which you can procure your Broadway tickets, let us first see what is so special about the New York Theater.

New York is the city of endless entertainment. But once you zero down to the Broadway shows in New York, you just cannot miss The Great White Way. This is one of the most popular theaters in the city that usually features the most extravagant Broadway productions of all times. Nevertheless, one does need to unwind at times and theater surely takes you to a different world altogether.

Let us now see the different ways through which you can book your NY Broadway theater ticket. Remember that you have to book at least a few months in advance if you wish to get the seats of your choice for the more popular Broadway shows. But what if you are visiting New York for a short time or you have come with your family for a vacation. In such cases, even the idea of advance booking is ludicrous. So, read on to know how to get your tickets.

Hunting For Tickets?

Here are a few ways that might get you some tickets for your favorite Broadway show:

The best place is to check at the box office booth before you start looking elsewhere. Though there is a remote chance that you would find tickets here, still you might strike lucky!If the above doesn’t help, then try and grab a couple of tickets that are auctioned at the last minute lottery. Here, you would find student rush tickets, Standing Room only tickets and Partial view tickets.

While the above option would still not ensure whether you would get any NY Broadway theater ticket or not, you can try next at the TKTS booth. These booths are run by the non-profit Theater Development Fund and here you can get tickets to certain shows even on the day of the show.

Another option is the auction sites and the resale forums. These sites also have a few Broadway tickets for sale. But then again, there is no surety that you would get your tickets here.Well! All the above mentioned options can easily be termed as risky. So let us know of one sure-fire option that would ensure that you get the tickets. And this option is booking your tickets online through a reputed ticket broker. Though, in this option, you would have to give an additional fee above the face value of the ticket price, still it is worth the effort. After all, this is the only sure shot method that would guarantee you your NY Broadway theater ticket.

So, now you know that booking your NY Broadway theater ticket is not so difficult after all. Just ensure that you book them through a legitimate broker who is a member of the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Beware of scalpers who hang around the theaters. These people use unfair means to sell tickets and you just might be cheated into buying seats that might not even exist inside the theater.

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