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Radio City Music Hall

1260 6th Avenue

Around one and a half hours

November 13, 2009 (Closes: December 30, 2009)

Seasonal Family Show

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Here is the show that make it a great way to experience the best that the theater has to offer. The Rockettes are more than just your average line of chorus girls- they are in fact, a part of history and are icons in themselves. People often come from all around the world to see the Rockettes perform live.

The Rockettes are an all-female precision dance company. This means that their moves are strictly choreographed and anyone who watches them perform are often amazed at how synchronized their movements are. Anyone will tell you that you haven't really seen New York City, until you've seen the Rockettes live.

A Rich Tradition

The hall itself was established in 1932 and the Rockettes were added as part of its repertoire in 1933. It was already playing to some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry. A number of filler shows were started, in order to keep the audiences entertained in between sets and screenings. Since the standard was already high at Radio City, the standard of the filler shows were also of a high caliber. The Rockettes were discovered in 1927 and brought down to New York City.

The Rockettes made a huge impression with the Christmas shows at the theater. The sets were exquisitely choreographed and two sets in particular became very popular- these were the ' Parade of the Wooden Soldiers' and the Living Nativity. The Rockettes, who had initially been brought in to fill in the spaces, soon found themselves the headliners for one of the biggest shows of the Christmas season.

The Christmas Show

Radio City Rockettes tickets are the most popular because of the Christmas shows. Over the years, these shows have developed into a real feast for the senses, complete with 3-D shows and exciting dance numbers. For those who are lucky enough to get their tickets for the Christmas show, they will be able to see the girls put on a fabulous 90 minute performance. The show starts with Santa making a trip down from the North Pole in 3-D splendor. He will then arrive and introduce the Rockettes to the audience- the girls will then do their very first number. After this, the audience is regaled with a number of numbers including, the Dance of the Snowflakes, a number about shopping in the holiday season and a set, which features a little girl dancing with the toys she has received for Christmas.

The Rockettes are as much in demand as they ever were- not only are the girls world record holders, but they have also performed at a number of other venues like the Super Bowl and the Presidential Inaugural Ceremony. They have also appeared in a number of ads and are a regular feature at big parades across the country. But there is nothing quite like seeing those girls lifts their legs in perfect unison, at a performance at Radio City Hall. You can be there to see it all in style- get in touch with an online authorized ticket vendor to get your Radio City Rockettes tickets. To view a great selection of Radio City Rockettes tickets click the link.

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