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Neil Simon Theatre

250 West 52nd Street


November 15, 2009 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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A Ragtime Musical Show Review

The timeless American play Ragtime is now on Broadway for everyone to enjoy. Ragtime the Musical is based on the amazingly successful book by the same name. Ragtime was written by E.L. Doctorow. It has been successfully adapted as a must see musical which accurately encompasses the era it is based on.

The Ragtime Broadway musical is the truly amazing story of the American dream. It is set at the turn of the century when America was welcoming new citizens and immigrants into its borders at a record pace. This was a time in American history when much was changing at a rapid pace. The country was expanding and so was its population. The country was going through industrialization as cities expanded across from shore to shore. America also became a global force and its reach was never ending at this time.

This play encompasses what is now known as the American dream. If does not just involve the story of one aspect of society or even one group. Ragtime takes on the lives of three very different people who are three very different parts of what America was then. These three tales all weave together to give the audience almost a tapestry of American history from three different perspectives.

Three stories are as different as similar. The first character to be explored is an upper class wife and her adjustments to the changes in the country. The second involves the struggles and hopes of a Jewish immigrant and his family at the turn of the century. This part of the story tells of how immigrants desperately wanted to make it in the new land and take care of their families, even when it was quite difficult to do so. The third story to be woven along with the others is that of a young Harlem musician. This part of the story tackles the themes of how the arts were changing and how the races and minorities in America interacted.

One remarkable part of these three stories is how they all essentially are living and fighting for the same things in turn of the century America.

The Ragtime Broadway musical, as in the book, also manages to work a little historic action into the tales of these three American perspectives. It tells the real life stories and adventures of historical figures. Some of the historical accounts and figures who make their way into this musical are J.P. Morgan, Harry Houdini and Henry Ford. Archduke Franz Ferdinand is also a featured player in this musical. All add historical content and excitement, highlighting the ever changing times that Ragtime is set in.

Ragtime also has some musical numbers which are sure to leave a lasting impression. Some of the musical performances are ‘Ragtime’, ’Justice’, Back to Before’, and ‘The Crime of the Century’.

If you are in the market to catch Ragtime while it is on Broadway, you need to be sure to buy your tickets from a reputable source. Buying Ragtime Broadway tickets online from an authorized dealer is highly recommended. It is very safe and you can have your tickets delivered to your home.

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