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Neil Simon Theatre

250 West 52nd Street


November 15, 2009 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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Wed & Sat 2Ppm
Sun 3PM

Tue 7pm
Wed through Sat 8pm

15 minutes into the prologue of Ragtime you sense that you are in the middle of something special. The intent is to introduce the audience to the changing landscape of America. With stunning costumes and a breathtaking choreography that is even better directed, the prologue breathes life into the play giving further merits to the quality of Broadway productions over those of the silver screen. The sets used are extremely inventive and well placed. They are brought into even more distinct life with the creative use of lighting. With such an outstanding start, there is little doubt to the watchers that Ragtime tickets will surely be worth the price of admission. And indeed it is.

Ragtime is centered on the story of three different families. They are represented by Tateh, Jewish immigrant, Coalhouse Walker who is a Harlem musician and Mother a wasp in New York. Based on the story by E. L. Doctorow, it is a fictional historic take of events that occurred in New York City between the 1900 and 1917. The lives of the three fictional families are found intertwined with actual events, ideas and characters in the history of the United States. As such during the course of the musical play, viewers come across historical figures such as Stanford White, Harry Houdini, Admiral Peary, Evelyn Nesbit, Harry Kendall Thaw, Booker T. Washington, J. P. Morgan and Henry Ford.

Ragtime as a novel was a well written tale that received wide commendation and reviews. The Broadway production it seems intends on living up to this reputation. The score with music and lyrics written by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens won the Tony Award for best music. The acting is just as inspiring. For instance, Audra McDonald breathes life into the character of Sarah. Her duet later in the first act with Coal House—“Wheels of a Dream” is undoubtedly one of the best performances. Other Acts such as Tateh’s duet with Mother are understated performances of excellence. Stephen Stucliffe as the younger brother of Mother gives an equally strong performance. With more than 40 songs in the musical (50 to be exact) Ragtime tickets are guaranteed to thrill the viewers through the 3-hour long play.

Indeed if there is any problem to be found with the drama it just might be found with its excellence. The performance and production of Ragtime is done at such a high level, that viewers become picky when brief deviations from the accepted brilliance occur. With 50 songs to listen too, there are bound to be scores which do not quite reach the heights of others and in instances where more than 50 actors line on the stage it is sometimes easy to lose focus of where exactly the scene is leading too.

Despite these tiny lapses, the brilliance of Ragtime manages to shine through. Here is a story of a time that was portrayed by people that are. Here is the tale of families as they were and probably still are. Ragtime does not just aim to entertain. It also aims to teach. And with that, the watching the play is twice the bargained experience. To view a great Online Selection of Ragtime Tickets click the link.

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