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Fenway Park

Red Sox

4 Yawkey Way
Boston, MA 02215

Fenway Park is where Boston Red Sox plays its home games in Major League Baseball. Each season the team plays 81 games in this baseball park. The venue is considered as sacred by many supporters of the club. Red Sox tickets have quickly beome one of the most sought after seats in all of baseball.

When the club management decided to construct another larger ball park adjacent to the ground after demolishing Fenway Park, there were angry protests from the fans. The fact that the proposed new ground would have the same structure and design of Fenway Park did not please the fans. The authorities eventually dropped the idea of the new ball park.

The following is an overview of the history, structure, and features of the venue which a number of Red Sox faithful have sentimental attachment with.


The club had been in American League since its inception in 1903. The original home ground of the club had been Huntington Avenue Baseball Grounds. They moved to Fenway Park in 1912, as soon as it was constructed.

There are different stories regarding the origin of the name Fenway Park. According to one story, the name was derived from the place it is situated. It is situated in Fenway district and hence the name Fenway Park. However, according to other sports historians, the name reflects the commercial interests and brand promotion attempts of the team’s then owner John Taylor, who was running a firm called Fenway Reality Company at that time.

Whatever be the reason, the name Fenway Park stuck and it has a legendary place in the Red Sox folklore. It is the oldest surviving club in the Major League Baseball circuit. It is one among the few classic baseball parks that are still being used.

Location And Size

Fenway Park is located at Yawkey Way, near Kenmore Square. There is nothing exceptional in its appearance. The ball park is smaller than most modern ballparks. The construction blends nicely with the surrounding buildings and structures, so that it is not easy to distinguish it.

There is an interesting story about the lack of distinction of the venue. Roger Clemens, newly signed to the Red Sox in 1984, took a taxi from the air port and asked the driver to go to Fenway Park when he came to the city to join the club. The driver promptly took him to the ball park. However, Clemens could not figure out that he was indeed in front of a baseball ground. It was only when he saw arc lights that he realized that the driver had taken him to the right place.

Main Features

The most famous feature of the ground is the Green Monster. It is actually a wall where players love to hit the ball. The wall is 11.3 meters wide and just over 300 feet away from the home plate. Right handed hitters often find it easier to hit the Green Monster than southpaws.

Other notable features of the ball park include the Triangle, Pesky’s Pole, Williamsburg, and the lone red seat.


Fenver Park is one of the smaller grounds. It has been estimated that it can hold just under 35,000 people. It was sold out for a record 456th consecutive Red Sox game in 2008. At present, the number of sold out games has crossed the 500 mark. That means those who want to watch the next game have to start hunting for Red Sox tickets early and get those from an authorized ticket seller, which is always a safe bet. You can View Our Great Selection Of Red Sox Tickets Online by clicking the link!

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