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Rose Theater is primarily a concert hall designed for jazz performances, though this venue is versatile and comfortable enough for a variety of performances, such as dance, theater, opera, film, and symphony. This versatile venue is the outcome of an association between the Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center – Wynton Marsalis – and theater planners and engineers of global renown. With a retractable concert shell ceiling, and a sophisticated acoustical curtain and banner system, the Rose Theater has been designed to acoustically be, and is, the premier jazz venue in the world.

The Features Of Rose Theater

The eleven movable on-stage seating towers allow for different combinations of seating arrangements. In the Theater configuration, 1,109 can be seated, whereas in the concert configuration – along with the 11 movable seating towers – 1,233 can comfortably be seated. The prowess of the designing and engineering feat is the ability to create a theater-in-the-round stage by linking the 11 towers in a curve, and a traditional Proscenium stage by storing the towers against the back wall.

Another added feature of the Rose Theater is the versatility in providing, either extra audience seating or larger stage space, by just raising the orchestra pit on an adjustable lift, to two additional levels. Another feature of its versatility is the ability to present a variety of events - from performances to presentations, and from film screenings to award ceremonies.

The Theater features three tiers, with each level having wood veneer box seating arrangements. The designing is such that no seat in the Theater is more than 90 feet away from the stage. For great Jazz performances and other entertainment experiences, there is no greater theater in New York City.

Buying Rose Theater Tickets

Rose Theater tickets can be bought directly from Jazz at Lincoln Center, including group tickets, through their online booking. This is fine, but you may not have the option of arranging for the seats of your choice. You just may have to take whatever seats are on offer, thank you!

We, at Reedstickets, have the wherewithal to provide you with the tickets of your choice and for the performance you wish to see. All you need to do is contact us through our online sources and let us arrange tickets for you, or you can get directly on the phone and let our courteous and professional staff helps you out. Our contacts in the industry, and our various sources, can help us get you your Rose Theater tickets well before the scheduled performances.

If for any reasons, we are unable to procure the seats of your choice – there may be an off chance that those seats may already be taken up – we can offer you many alternatives to select from. These alternative arrangements would equally be as first-rate as the seats you wanted as your first choice.

All you need is to contact our staff, which are very professional in dealing with all our patrons, and then sit back and let us do the hard work for you.

Here’s wishing you the best of entertainment.

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