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Music Box Theatre

249 West 45th Street

2 hours 15 minutes : One 15 minute intermission

October 1st, 2009 (Closed January 3rd, 2010)

Broadway Play - Comedy

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The name “Superior Donuts” gives some inkling as to what the show is about. Yes it’s a show and in many ways it is also about donuts or—as people quickly come to find—a donut shop. “Superior donuts” is a new play by Tracy Letts. Many remember him for his Pulitzer winning play “August: Osage Country”. Few recognize him in this his new work of his. Unlike his past work which often portrayed a dark and grim side of life, Superior donuts is a play that is designed to make you laugh about all the little thing in life that are worth laughing about, even if they aren’t really funny.

In the world of cable television, Superior Donuts Broadway would be a sitcom and a very good one at that. On the stages of the theatre its comedy is brought to even sharper life. The laughter that you hear around you, just like the antics on stage, are genuine and not some back recording being played. Tracy Letts, in writing the Superior Donuts, seemed to have been out to make a point. He is not just a terrific writer but also does has a sense of humour.

True, the Superior Donuts Broadway production is hardly his best work. But with a Pulitzer award already in his kitty, repeating his last feat would have been Herculean. Instead of struggling to recreate another stirring tale, in the writing of Superior donuts, Tracy Letts, returns with an encore that seems, with all the laughs taken into consideration, more than aptly placed.

The play revolves around the eponymous donut shop. Set in the middle of what is quickly discerned to be a neighborhood on the downhill, much of the shop is plain and simple. This is because at the age of 60, the shop owner Arthur Przybysaewski is in no hurry to improve the looks. Arthur is caught in an all too familiar state of adult life limbo. His only daughter has lost touch with him, and his ex wife has recently died. With very few people to relate to give or take the odd customer, Arthur is stuck in a place which—despite the overwhelming feel of discomfort—has comfortably become his life.

You get the sense right from the beginning that this is what the play is all about. The reeducation of Arthur. The issue is thus not centered around the question of “if” this will occur but more on who the likely hero will be. The answer to that is easily revealed—Franco Wicks. This gentleman is 21 years old and of African American heritage. After being accused by the young African American, of owning a donut shop that “contributes to obesity and cardiac disease in the African-American community” Arthur is suddenly seized with the need to give something back to the neighborhood and so he takes the young Franco into his establishment.

As Tracy Letts quickly shows, it is the beginning of a slow dance, and the start of many laughs to come. You can View A Great Selection Of Superior Donuts Broadway Tickets Online by clicking the link.

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