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Tickets for Green Day have, yet again, become one of the hottest commodities in town. This is because Green Day is back! And this time they’ve got extreme power to rock you with their new album “21st Century Breakdown”, plus a tour to promote it. The last time this band rocked the stage with their full-length tour was in 2006. And now, in September and October this year, the audience will be seen grooving to the tunes of Green Day.

The band Green Day was formed when Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer, and Mike Dirnt, guitarist, came together in their early teens. Later, the drummer, Tre Cool joined the band. Their first success was “1,000 Hours”, released in 1989. It was followed by “Kerplunk” in 1992. Then came “Dookie” in 1994, which gave hits like “Basket case”, “Longview”, and “when I Come Around.” They sold a whopping 8 million records cumulatively throughout the nation and grabbed two Grammies.

The album “Insomniac”, released in 1994, sold about 3 million copies. But, it could not match the smashing success of the major-label debut of this band. Again, in 1997, “Nimrod” sold one million copies. However, the band got fresh exposure largely due to the ballad “Good Riddance”.

This band’s most popular song, which is still on the lips of many, was “Time of your Life”. With this song, the band set new standards for music and introduced the era of punk. After a short break, they returned in 1999 to capture the music world with their performance and their album “warning” in 2000. Tickets for Green Day sold like really hot cakes then.

This album was influenced by folk music and highlighted the artistic affinity of this group. However, this album could not top the charts commercially, despite its radio hit “Minority.” It sold fewer than a million copies. The following years 2001 and 2002 saw this band compiling the best of “International Superhits” and round-up “Shenanigans”, respectively.

Watch Green Day shows and you will notice the raw potency in their performance. How effortlessly they connect with the audience is amazing! They are punk revivalists, but with a stylish appeal. The original aim of punk is to shock or outrage people. However, this band does not follow the original aim, but revives the ferocity exuded by the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Who.

It’s a shame to miss a splendid performance by the band comprising of three superbly talented musicians. It’s true that the band had been heated up by the punk fever. But, now it’s trying harder to grip the audience with its pulsating energy. You simply cannot miss the Green fever!

Tickets For Green Day are available online. But, not for long, for they would vanish at the speed of lightning. If you wanna catch the band in action, rush to order your tickets online. You can even order home delivery. This is the Green Day. So, get your tickets fast and make your neighbor go green with envy!

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