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Palace Theater

1564 Broadway

2 hours 40 minutes, including one 15 minute intermission

March 19, 2009 (Open-Ended)

Broadway Musical

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Wed & Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

Tue through Sat 8PM

After almost thirty years off the stage the American classic West Side Story Broadway musical finally returns to the Great White Way and with a huge amount of anticipation from theater fans from all over. For many the classic story represents what true Broadway is all about, from great songs to a great story all done in such an amazing way. This time around the show is promised to be kept even more modern then other productions and the question will remain how close it stays to the original concept.

Regardless of the curiosity for how close it stays to the original the show is the biggest opening and has the greatest anticipation then any other recent opening on Broadway. The West Side Story Broadway musical return is said to need a bit more edge to help bring in the new era of theater fans in New York City and from the ticket sales it seems that much interest in the show is alive as ever.

The musical is brought to Broadway by the same amazing team that brought the hugely popular 1950's production with the score by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim, an award winning team to boot. The West Side story Broadway musical has been showing previews at it's new home "The Palace Theatre" since February 23, 2009 and after the official opening on March 19th, 2009 has been selling out often. The ticket prices for the new production is quite expensive at this time and should come back to earth after a month or so of shows.

West Side Story is already a huge hit telling a Shakespearian story that is reminiscent of Romeo and Juliet in modern times. With the character focus on lovers Tony and Maria and their rival gangs placed in new York City. Much like Romeo and Juliet many of the same decisions must me made for being able to live out their true love affair through the violence and hatred that is ever present from the West Side streets of New York City.

This classic Broadway musical is a show not to be missed for any fans of Broadway and theater and promised to give a great evening of entertainment. One of the biggest returns to Broadway of the year for sure and for anyone who has had the opportunity to see the original production this return promises to provide a new experience with a modern and edgier approach that captures the essence of today's society. West Side Story Broadway Tickets can be located by clicking the link.

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