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Marquis Theater

1535 Broadway

2 Hours and 30 Minutes one 15 minute intermission

Nov 13, 2009 (Closing Jan 3, 2010)

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White Christmas On Broadway

In the theaters of Broadway, White Christmas is a play that has been successfully running as limited engagement over the last four years. After it was premiered in San Francisco in 2004, it has entertained and enthralled fans in various US cities such as Boston, Los Angeles, and Detroit. It was well received in the UK when the musical toured the country during the Christmas season of the last two years. But for this year’s Christmas, the play is scheduled to run at Marquis Theater in Broadway. The preview of the play started on November 14 at Marquis Theater. This limited Christmas engagement is likely to run till January 4, 2009.

White Christmas: A Romantic Musical Comedy

White Christmas Broadway is a musical drama which was adapted from the 1954 movie with the same name. The movie is a celebrated musical, often bracketed along with some of the classics of this genre such as Sound Of Music. The film contains some evergreen songs such as “Count your blessings instead of sheep”, “Sisters”, and “How deep is the ocean”. The movie was directed by Michael Curtiz also the director of the famous movie, Casablanca. The play White Christmas, in Broadway, provides nostalgia for the old timers while young people appear to be pleasantly surprised by the tilting melodies of the musical.

The film narrates the story of two US ex-soldiers who came unscathed from the Second World War. They manage to carve a niche in the show business industry after the war. The drama depicts their travels and their eventual successful romantic liaisons with two sisters with exquisite voices. The drama more or less follows the film in terms of the treatment and story line. It is also a light romantic comedy with great music. It was well liked by the audience, a fact illustrated by the popularity of White Christmas Broadway theaters. This is suitable for the entertainment of the whole family. However, children under the age of four are not allowed in Marquis Theater.

Walter Bobbie directs the production of this limited engagement of the musical and Randy Skinner directs the choreography. The prominent actors for this year’s production include Stephen Bogardus, Kerry O’Malley, Jeffry Denman, Meredith Patterson, and Susan Mansur. Irving Berlin scored the original music and wrote the original lyrics for the movie. As a result the play adapted from the movie is often publicized as Irving Berlin’s White Christmas Broadway show. Rob Berman does the music supervision for the production at Marquis Theater.

Other attractive features of the play are its set design and costume design. Not only the period element has been retained, but also the beauty of the set that people have seen in the movie has been recreated. Anna Louizos has done the set design and the costume design is by Carrie Robbins. It must have been a challenging job, especially the final sequences in which the protagonists attain romantic fulfillment in the backdrop of a snow-filled Pine Tree.

For watching the charming romance and enjoying the haunting music, White Christmas Broadway tickets , are available with various authorized ticket selling agencies. Now, one can buy tickets on the internet also.

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