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Marquis Theater

1535 Broadway

2 Hours and 30 Minutes one 15 minute intermission

Nov 13, 2009 (Closing Jan 3, 2010)

Broadway Seasonal Musical

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Wed & Sat 2pm
Sun 3pm

Mon through Sat 8pm

White Christmas tickets are eagerly bought by those who like period dramas and evergreen musicals. It is a drama set in the aftermath of the Second World War. Those who are familiar with Hollywood classics must have seen or heard of the 1952 movie, White Christmas, directed by Michael Curtiz. The film is a lavish musical. The drama is based on this movie. It is being shown at various theaters in Broadway throughout this Christmas season. The play has some light-hearted fun and heart-melting music. The drama was premiered in San Francisco four years back. This year’s Broadway engagement started on November 14 at Marquis Theater. The play is scheduled to run till January 4 next year, at various venues.

White Christmas: A Romantic Musical

For those who want to get White Christmas tickets, and have not seen the movie yet, here is a synopsis of the drama. The story is set in the immediate aftermath of the disastrous Second World War. It revolves around two US soldiers who aim to become stars in the show biz industry. Bob Wallace had already acquired a bit of fame as an entertainer when the war was over. His close buddy, Phil Davis, would find his feet soon. The play opens with the Christmas day in 1944 in some place in Europe, where the duo of Wallace and Davis are performing in front of a handful of men. Then during an attack by enemy soldiers, Davis rescues Wallace from certain death.

Once the Second World War is over, they enter the show business industry and earn money and fame. Soon they become highly sought-after artists and later manage to become producers. Their first Broadway hit is the musical Playing Around. Afterwards, they get a letter from a person they knew during the war years requesting them to conduct an audition of his sisters. The sisters, Betty and Judy, are the heroines of this play. The ex-soldiers turned Broadway producers helped these sisters to come out of their place evading their landlord. After an eventful train journey and some fine music, they find themselves in Columbia Inn, which is run by their war-time superior Major General Tom Waverly.

The General is not in sound financial state. Knowing this, the protagonists bring their Broadway crew out to the place and perform their famous musical, Playing Around. For the information of the romantically inclined among those who have purchased or are thinking of purchasing White Christmas tickets, there is indeed romance between the two ex-soldiers and the sisters. Bob is attracted to Betty, while Phil falls in love with Judy. Mellifluous music and catchy lyrics provide an excellent atmosphere for their romance.

For those who like musicals, White Christmas ticket will be an ideal gift this Christmas. Some of the songs of the play such as “Count your blessings instead of sheep”, “Sisters”, and “How deep is the ocean” are remarkably melodious.

When you buy White Christmas tickets , make sure that you buy tickets from an authorized ticket selling agency or website. It is probably the only way you can get authentic tickets at reduced prices.

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