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Hilton Theater

214 West 43rd Street


November 8th 2007

Broadway Musical Comedy

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Watch Roger Bart and Sutton Foster give their outstanding performance as the dashing brain surgeon and the sexy Inga, respectively. The show is “Young Frankenstein”. You must get seat to a performance to be a part of this thrilling story.

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein is a brain surgeon, plus a professor. His grandfather, Victor Von Frankenstein, was a crazy scientist who owned a ghostly castle and a lab, where he conducts weird experiments of making the dead come to life. Frederick has two options – either to continue his grandfather’s experiments, or to start a life of his own by forgetting his family’s dim past.

The sexy Inga is played by Sutton Foster. Inga is a lab assistant. She has a soft corner for Federick in the story. She tries to woo him. But, the question is: Does Federick reciprocate her feelings? Well, to know this, you will have to watch “Young Frankenstein”.

The theatre fans are so captivated by the storyline that they have lined up at Broadway box office. The houses are expected to run full. The show is about to open on November 8 this year, at the Hilton Theatre. The previews have begun from October 11. Fans have already started teeming up at the windows to get front row tickets. No one wants to miss the combination of beauty and brains in those fantastic Broadway production.

The show also contains some unforgettable melodies such as "Putting On the Ritz", "The Transylvania Mania," and "He Vas My Boyfriend". The musical magic has been rendered by Mel Brooks.

This Broadway show is based on a movie released in the year 1974. The stage version of “Young Frankenstein” has re-united the creative team of “The Producers”. The team consists of Susan Stroman, who is a renowned director and choreographer; Thomas Meehan, who is a reputed book writer; and Mel Brooks, who is a notable musician and lyricist. Once again, this team has done what they are best in doing – producing super hit shows!

The audience will also get to see fine acting skills of Shuler Hensley, who plays ‘The Monster’ in the show. Then there is Megan Mullally to steal your heart by donning the character of Elizabeth like second skin. Christopher Fitzgerald is remarkable as Igor. Fred Applegate makes you speechless by playing the role of Kemp.

Young Frankenstein Tickets NY

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